Welcome to Nagarjun Jamacho Jamacho Jeep Safari Pvt. Ltd.


Insurance :

1.We have covered 10 (TEN) Lakhs of Insurance equivalent of $750 per passenger (Accidental insurance )

2.   36 KM of Jeep Safari ( 4 hrs.)

3.   Rate of the Jeep Safari!  amazing discount!  now only 1200 per  ( Nepalese passenger )

4. Reserved – 12000 – per Jeep

4.   SAARC countries passengers only 2000 NRs per traveler.

5.   Europe and Other Countries only  2500 NRs per traveler .

6.  For  reservation only 12000 NRs per Jeep !  13 persons can travel at a time.

7. Group and Family discount available .

8. Nagarjun Jeep driving is one of the active and exciting activities for Jungle safari.  Jeep Drive goes through the grasslands, hill  forests.

More Tours

Balaju – Gokarneswor – Sundarijal – Dyam/Dhap  ( 5 hrs. ) Reserved – 15000

Fulbari Gate – Osho Tapoban – Pachmane – Tarakeshwor Mandir – Vuwaneshwori Mandir – Fulbari Gate ( 3 Hrs. )-Reserved – 10000

Fly to Himalaya – by Helicopter

Jungle / Nature Walk:

Take an exciting and invigorating walk through the lush sub-tropical jungles of Nagarjuna. Our trained naturalists take you to prime spots to view deer, Red Panda, Sambre Deer ,Tiger, Jungle pig, Kalij Jungle cock, Big Monkey  and other wildlife. They will also give you interesting information about the various plants and animals in the jungle throughout your walk.

Bird Watching Tour:

Nagarjun is the best destination for bird watching. The birds found here are Cormorants, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Blue Indian Roller, Hornbills, Stor k billed Kingfishers, Grey headed Eagles, Ruby Cheeked Sunbird, Bengal Florican, Largetailed Night jar, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Beaters & Lesser Florican, etc. ( 318 type of Birds available )