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Rara National Park Tour

Rara tour package: Rara Lake Tour from Jeep is a very long drive tour, but the memory it provides can’t be compared. It’s located at 2990 meters elevation. It’s a naturally honored destination in Mugu. Rara National Park jumped up the area, which is a true platform to delight in the smell of the countryside, yet superbly situated that provides the chirping bird melodies along with the perspective of the woods. This is a stage that you find yourself about your presence in today’s world and also the significance of an outing from a mind-blowing character.

Rara Lake Tour Package, Flight, Jeep, Rara Tour for Nepali 2021 from Kathmandu

Rara lake jeep tour is just one of that emerging eco-tourism destination of Nepal and much less crowded destination much from the frantic city places on the heart of cultural and natural reach harbor. The glimpses of lifestyle, scenery, and culture on the way is rather different from the rest of Nepal.

Beautiful views of the snow-capped Himalayan milky summit on the top creates a special mixture of amazing beauty to entice the traveler and trekker. There are lots of choices to accomplish. You might have a trip from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Talcha and about a couple of hours of trekking to reach the lake.

By jeep from Kathmandu into Surkhet, it requires approximately 13 hr. Drive to attain Surkhet, we’ll cover roughly 605 kilometers. And next day continues to drive roughly 7-8 before Kalikot it’ll cover almost 170 kilometers through the woods with religious viewpoints mountains and green landscape. The next day we constantly drive to Rara through Sinja and Nagmi.

By Nagma into Rara is an off-road driveway. It takes approximately 4 hr. Drive to attain Talcha airport along with the approximately 30 minutes’ drive forward we park our car and almost an hour increase to uphill to achieve lake.

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